Space Bar

#Unity3D #UNet

A 3-week interdisciplinary team VR project. Two players act as bartenders to fulfill alien customers’ order as quick as possible. Selected as 1 of the 16 projects showcased at juried show 2018 ETC Festival.

The video shown is a liquid-in-a-container effect I implemented based on @minionsart’s work. The volume of the water is done by clipping a mesh that represents the dimension of the container. Instead of filling the backface with a solid color to mimic the water surface, I use a real water plane and clip it according to the shape and transform of the container. This gives the water surface correct depth information, thus let the visual interaction between the water and objects inside the water correct, which realized the teams’ imagination of “alien customers sit in giant martini glasses waiting to be served”.

Role: Game Logic & Networking Programmer, Visual Effects



A 2-week space-themed interdisciplinary team VR game project. Players walk around the side of a cylinder-shaped space capsule in VR world to save their colleague.

The video shown is a rope that I implemented. The rope consists of 20 (configurable) spring joint for realistic physical movement. 20 points are interpolated between every two joint using a Catmull-Rom spline for smoothing and reducing computational complexity. The rope is rendered using Unity’s line renderer with a gradient texture to simulate volume. In the game, players need to cut the rope using a laser cutter. A simple shader is used to add a glowing effect to represent the red-hot surface. The rope will break after a point reaches a certain “temperature”.

Role: Game Logic Programmer, Visual Effects

Re: Verb

#UnrealEngine #IBMWatson #OSC #Flask

Inspired by the poem, Stealing Flowers by Julie Peters, and brought to life with dancer Alejandra Caballero, the choreography by Olivia C. Davies seeks to express the nuances of love and loss with an affirmation of hope. A parallel story unfolds in a virtual environment reflecting the poetic words and the dancers’ movements.

A dance performance interacting with a virtual environment using motion capture, speech analysis, and game engine technologies, directed by Dr. Maria Lantin & Athomas Goldberg

Role: Programming, System Architecture

Inverse Kinematics
#OpenMaya #PyMel
A 3D reimplementation of Damped Least Square (DLS) inverse kinematics system in Maya using Python. Supports real-time interaction.
Cloth Simulation
#Houdini #VEX
A constraint based cloth simulation implemented in Houdini from scratch (no simulation shelf tool used.) Supports contacts handling.
Surface Parametrization
#C++ #Qt #Eigen
A reimplementation of [Floater 97] paper about surface triangulation. Automatically unwrap UV by constructing and solving a sparse matrix.

USTC Online Judge

#AngularJS #Redis #Flask #Docker

A modern designed website with static front-end pages, cloud API and scalable judge servers.

Role: Design, Front-end Implementation

I Am Afraid

#Unity3D #NodeJS #IBMWatson

I Am Afraid is a networked virtual reality application (currently for the Daydream platform) where multiple people can create interactive sound sculptures using their own voice.

Role: Programming, User Experience